Capital Markets

Teraverde Capital Markets provides business strategy and process review services to financial institutions of all sizes to help identify growth and profit opportunities. We also provide strategy and execution to financial services companies to identify, evaluate and execute loan and asset acquisitions and sales.

Year of experience in due diligence, transaction management, and reviewing and interpreting credit risk of all types facilitates successful deals consistently and dependably. We get it done. We connect buyers and sellers of both individual and bulk loans, irrespective of requirements -- geography, credit risk profile, institution type, or loan profile.

Loan Review services are tailored to our clients’ exact needs and include validation of credit, property valuation, compliance and initial due diligence to assure sellers meet clients requirements and reduce counterparty risk.

We also provide clients with strategic partners and strategic assessments of their existing loan portfolios.

Loan Portfolio Growth Strategy

  • Analyze the right geography, credit criteria, maturity, duration, and collateral to meet your portfolio growth needs
  • Model the impact on interest income, interest rate risk, liquidity on your income statement and balance sheet
  • Model the impact and risks of portfolio growth before you make a move

Business Process Review

  • Retail lending operations profit improvement
  • Lending best practices
  • Loan origination process improvement
  • Loan servicing process improvement
  • Loan policy development
  • Secondary marketing best practice reviews

Loan Review

  • Loan repurchase defense (GSE and Correspondent)
  • Credit underwriting
  • Non-performing loan review
  • Mortgage fraud review
  • Mortgage loan transaction management
  • Loan portfolio analysis
  • Residential securitization 


  • Warehouse lending operations reviews
  • Correspondent lending operations turn-key program