About Us

James M. Deitch CPA, CMB
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Deitch is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Teraverde®. Previously, he was a co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of the American Home Bank division of First National Bank of Chester County. Under his leadership, American Home Bank was named one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine and a top 50 national residential lender by American Banker and National Mortgage News. Mr. Deitch has served on the Board of publicly traded and privately held banks and non-bank companies. He is a frequent industry speaker and best-selling author.

Alexander Henderson III

Mr. Henderson serves as Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel to Teraverde™. He has been a panelist for the Mortgage Bankers Association in these areas and has published articles in the ABA Compliance Magazine, Scotsman Guide and other media. Mr. Henderson has practiced law for more than 30 years, with extensive experience in financial institution practice including credit, regulatory, compliance and de novo bank matters.

Maylin Casanueva

Ms. Casanueva is Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for client service delivery, growth, profitability, and overall business operations. Ms. Casanueva has 25 years of Capital Markets, Mortgage Securitization and Mortgage Banking experience. She previously worked for CoreStates Capital Markets, Bayview Asset Management, Redwood Trust and American Home Bank in loan securitization, asset sales and portfolio evaluation.

Rob Peterson

Mr. Peterson is Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for overall technology and development initiatives including Teraverde®’s SpeedPath™ and Coheus™ solutions. Mr. Peterson has 15 years of mortgage banking and technology experience. His hands-on experience as a mortgage lender informs his guidance in development of solutions that work in the real world of mortgage banking.

Our Philosophy

We partner with lenders who share our belief superior profitability and outstanding customer experience should be key. We embrace the notion that faster turnaround, better customer experience and more profitability means getting the most out of existing systems.

Digital Lending Transformation doesn’t mean buying all new systems… it’s an end-to-end approach that often redeploys and enhances what systems are in use… to deliver meaningful increases in profitability and customer satisfaction.

All Teraverde® team members have prior industry experience as an executive or senior manager with multiple companies in the mortgage banking, banking, financial management or capital markets. As seasoned industry executives, we have seen and worked through major challenges in the mortgage lending and banking industries before. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our experience allows us to accurately identify the appropriate business solutions the first time.

Our solutions enhance existing systems to provide superior workflow management, robotics process automation, visual classification and data extraction from documents, with all activities in the organization measured with an enterprise profit intelligence solution.