Here’s some VIVA (Valuable, Insightful, Variable and Actionable) for your team. We often hear that Encompass® the Loan Origination System can be slow. So here are the top five quick tips that may speed up Encompass for your team:

1. Restart Encompass regularly (once a day). The reason is to do this is to remove the electronic cobwebs that form as Encompass is used. “Clear the cache” is the technical term. This one tip resolves more ‘gremlins’ and sluggishness than many other suggestions.

2. Disconnect from your Virtual Private Network (whenever and if possible). The reason is the VPN funnels internet traffic through a private ‘tunnel’. The tunnel is smaller than the overall internet, so getting into the ‘freeway’ is better than going through the tunnel.

3. Restart your computer at the end of the day. Same reason as number 1. Get rid of the digital cobwebs.

4. Make sure you have a good internet connection. With so many people working from home, a good connection is priceless (and getting much scarcer.) And don’t trust the public ‘speedtest’ measurement. They measure a very small package of data and tend to report ‘very fast’ results. When you’re pushing through lots of two way traffic, the actual results can be much slower. This is a little more complex to diagnose, ask your IT support people to help you measure the true speed at various times during the day.

5. Close out large applications like your internet Browser with multiple tabs open, etc. Same reason, electronic cobwebs that running so many tabs and tasks.

In discussion with our Teraverde members, Grace Kessenich, Project Manager mentioned, “I am asked regularly by my new Encompass implementation client about how to make Encompass faster. These are simple steps, but they have an immediate return for users experiencing latency.”


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