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James M. Deitch has over 25 years of executive experience in the mortgage banking industry. He is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Teraverde. The author of three Mortgage Transformation books, two which are published by De Gruyter International. Teraverde helps mortgage bankers achieve greater profitability, streamlined operations and process improvement while staying fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Previously, he was a co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of American Home Bank NA. Under his leadership, American Home Bank was named one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine and named a top 50 national residential lenders by American Banker and National Mortgage News.

Prior to American Home Bank, he co-founded Keystone National Bank NA, which became one of the ten most profitable banks based on return on assets in the United States. Both lenders consistently earned 100 basis points or more of profit. Deitch has served on the Board of publicly traded and privately held banks and non-bank companies.

Speaking Events

2019 Speaking Panel

  • California Chairman’s Conference- April 19-22
  • MBA-Secondary Conference
  • 16th Annual Eastern Secondary Conference- June 21-23
  • MBA FL Annual Secondary- June 21-23
  • MERS eMortgage Boot Camp- June 26-
  • MBA’s Risk Management QA & Fraud Prevention- September 16- 17
  • MBA Annual- October 27-30

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We wrote the books on Digital and Strategical Transformation.

Let’s work together to transform your mortgage banking platform to a consistently high profit, high customer satisfaction, best in class domain.

People are talking…

“Jim Deitch has written a must-read primer for anyone serious about understanding this industry, especially in the wake of the changes in recent years.”
Dave Stevens, President & CEO, Mortgage Bankers Association of America

“… Jim Deitch did a great job breaking down the industry threats and filling in the holes.”
David Motley, President, Colonial Savings

“A powerful read on the industry that will surely inform mortgage professionals on how to embrace technology and change company culture, all with a view to achieving customer satisfaction.”
Jonathan Corr, President & CEO, Ellie Mae, Inc.

“The book is written from the eyes of an industry CEO, for industry CEOs and their teams.”
Debra Still, President/CEO of Pulte Mortgage

“Jim did a great job of gathering information across a broad array of executives. Woven this into a comprehensive chart of history and current reflections about where we’ve been and where we are as an industry”
Stanley Middleman, CEO of Freedom Mortgage

“Jim builds a conceptual model to digest the rapid advance of technology and how to apply it as a “C” level executive. A clear road map to customer satisfaction excellence and outstanding profitability.”
Susan Stewart, CEO of SWBC Mortgage Corporation

“Jim Deitch takes you inside the back offices, strategy and industry leaders perspective of the top mortgage banking firms in America. A must read for the industry and consumers.”
Bill Cosgrove, President & CEO, Union Home Mortgage Corp.

“Jim picked 25 ‘maverick CEOs’ for interviews. These mavericks collectively have a great vision for the future of Mortgage Banking and the transformation necessary in the lending business model. Very valuable insights.”
Cody Pearce, President & Co-founder, Cascade Financial Services, LLC

“This book addresses the exact concerns a CEO in the mortgage industry faces. It does so in clear and concise way.”
Jim MacLeod, Executive Chairman, CoastalStates Bank

“Jim Deitch takes readers through the challenges that customers and lenders are facing in the Mortgage Banking Industry.”
Patrick Sinks, CEO & Director, MGIC Investment Corp.

“Success in today’s mortgage industry depends on the combination of intelligent process and advanced technology. A must-read for executives seeking to understand the future of mortgage banking.”
Jerry Schiano, President & CEO, New Penn Financial, LLC

“Jim builds a conceptual model to digest the rapid advance of technology and how to apply it as a “C” level executive. A clear road map to customer satisfaction excellence and outstanding profitability.”
Susan Stewart, CEO of SWBC Mortgage Corporation

“Simple yet informative, and conceptual yet practical, Digitally Transforming the Mortgage Banking Industry is a book designed to help a lender achieve best in class profits and customer satisfaction.”
Phil DeFronzo, CEO & Co-founder, Norcom Mortgage

“Jim Deitch has written a good overview of the mortgage industry today. Drawing upon insights from leaders, mortgage industry data and examples from other industries, Jim’s book sheds considerable light on the post-financial crisis mortgage industry.”
Rich Bennion, Executive Vice President, HomeStreet Bank

“A comprehensive survey of industry thought leaders presented in a clear and concise manner.”
Steve Shank, President & CEO, Flinchbaugh Engineering, Inc.

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“The book provides in-depth knowledge from industry thought leaders. It balances technology and process very appropriately.”
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