Looking to speed up approvals and leverage LOS data to close and sell more loans?

Get an instant lift by actively managing your pipeline and instantly leveraging data to maximize profits!

Coheus is the first solution of its kind that associates various data on the fly to provide executives and managers actionable insights to increase profits, speed approvals and funds, and speed investor purchases of loans. 

  • Manage Fallout so Operational Employees Don’t Spend Time on Loans that Won’t or Can’t Fund
  • Minimize Unsalable Loans due to Employment or Forbearance Matters 
  • Minimize Potential Repurchases Arising from Loan Defects 

Improving data driven decision making– all while instantly gaining insight of your mortgage banking operation. 

Coheus® Speed Approvals, Closings and Purchases by Investors.

Coheus is a Data Informed Pipeline and Risk Reduction Service that helps you identify actionable insights to make critical ‘data informed’ decisions quickly. Coheus also integrates with SpeedPath® for Encompass®.

Here’s How it Works

Coheus lets users look at pipline and closed loans by product, loan officer, channel, and branch.  Spot efficiency opportunities for each step in originating a loan. Identify service level variations among employees, departments, and branches.  Manage the credit box and the best investor counterparties for each to manage funding and repurchase risk.

Coheus can solve the following challenges… and more.


Remote employees comined with large pipelines increase the risk of erroneous and/or missing data. Bad or missing data can delay investor purchases, or even trigger buybacks.


Quickly and Correctly Identify Missing or Erroneous Loan Data, and Layered Risk:

  • LTV over 105%
  • FICO less than 300, missing or over 900
  • Loan applications with no LE after required disclosure period, etc.
  • Layered Risk combinations such as High LTV, Low FICO, High DTI, Low Cash Reserves
  • Find Missing or Incorrect Data that may delay loan purchase by Investor


Coheus provides visibility to critical information that enables lenders to make informed decisions in order to take immediate action.


It’s Difficult to Manage Service Levels and Efficiency with Remote Employees. Service Level Exceptions Create a Poor Customer Experience, and Creates Delays in Closing and Investor Funding of Locked Loans.


Manage Service Level Issues Quickly, and Correct the Root Causes of Service Level Failures

Highlighted Red/Green shows service levels by product, branch, loan and employee

  • Branch
  • Product
  • Originator
  • Loan Purpose
  • Make Data Informed Decisions to Speed Up Loan Closing and Investor Purchases


Coheus helps evaluate and explore channel, product, funding, process and performance indicators to improve service levels and manage workload.  It provides profit intelligence that can be used for constant improvement of process and profitability.


How Do I Speed Up Credit Decisions, and Make Sure My Team is Working on the Right Loans at the Right Time?


Manage Throughput by Milestones and Tasks for the Entire Pipeline.

Show Loan Dollars and/or Units in Each Stage of the Process:

  • Branch
  • Product
  • Originator
  • Loan Purpose

Get Detailed Loan Information at your fingertips.


How Do I Verify Employment Data and Key Underwriting Data Quickly, For My Entire Active Pipeline?


Quickly Associate All Critical Data for the Entire Pipeline in One Place for Executive and Management Prioritization.

Access Key Underwriting Data – On Demand

  • Employer Name, Job Title, Time on Job, Self-Employment
  • Loan purpose, type, DTI, LTV, FICO, Liquid Reserves, and more


Get Detailed Critical Loan Information to Prioritize Loans, and Identify Loans Needing Restructuring or Changed Timing.

Integrated and ready to go in your Encompass system in minutes!

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Business Intelligence Integrated with Mortgage Knowledge  


  • Your Data Made Simple to manage and ready to go in 48 hours. 

  • Compartmentalized Data Designed for all aspects of the lending business.

  • No specialized Administrator Required

A common Business Intelligence Solution would cost you time and your mortgage expert resources… is yours for a fraction of that amount.

The Story Behind Coheus – Mortgage Executive Solution:

We were working with the CEO of a client that wanted to improve their operational capacity and speed to close.  The client was using a BI tool, and try as we might, we couldn’t adapt that product to provide the information the client needed to speed throughput, manage the performance of their employees, and speed to close.  After lots of work, dead ends, and attempted workarounds, we concluded there has to be a much better way.

After speaking with other CEO and C level executives, we learned that this was a common issue with BI tools.  The BI tools did not have the domain knowledge of mortgage CEOs built in.  And the technical design was inherently limited.  Ask something that wasn’t already designed, and you either couldn’t do it, or you needed to have a developer work on the special request.  And developers are technical experts, not mortgage experts, so their work often missed the nuances of the mortgage business.  And back to the drawing board ended up using more of their resources and long periods of development time

So we decided the way to create a solution that had domain knowledge that helps CEOs and C level executives lead and manage, and to have the agility to answer executives’ need to dive into information was to invent it ourselves.  And thus Coheus was born.

We refined it by interviewing over 100 successful CEOs and incorporated their collective domain knowledge into Coheus.  How successful CEOs want to understand their business, and engineer it into Coheus.

Jim Deitch and Maylin Casanueva discuss how executives are leveraging ready to go solutions to make data driven decisions and identifying profit leakage and creating operational efficiency instantly. 

Find out how you can benefit from Mortgage Engineered technology. 


What will I receive when I purchase Coheus?
You’ll receive cloud based Coheus to access critical data, organized for executives, production managers, operations managers and secondary managers. It’s a service, so no need to install anything on desktops, etc. And no need to hire administrator or other support personnel.

How does this help manage my pipeline?
Up to date LOS data is at your fingertips, associated and presented in a manner that provides for a Data Informed Decision-Making Process. You get actionable decision-making information at your fingertips. No need to wait days or weeks for information from your ‘BI Team’ for reports that often miss the mark.

Can I perform Ad-Hoc Reporting?
Yes, Ad-Hoc reporting of key data fields is supported.

What LOS systems are supported?
There is a direct integration with Encompass. Other LOS systems with APIs are also supported.

How fast is data updated?
Data is extracted from your LOS system at regular intervals, usually every hour or half hour… so you are working with near real-time data directly from your LOS. Faster refresh is available as an option.

Can we get help on installing Coheus?
Absolutely. As soon as the installation payment and agreements are executed, our team will get your data connected within days, and you can begin use. We’ll provide assistance to get up and running quickly.

What happens when I first begin using Coheus?
The first thing most clients notice is data integrity issues. You’ll see them up front, rather than finding out about them in QC, investor stipulations or non-purchase or repurchase. The biggest ROI from Coheus is finding and correcting the root cause of data integrity issues.

The next benefit is accelerating approvals, closing and investor purchase by working on loans that can be approved and funded quickly, and managing the remaining loans to a prompt decision and closing. You’ll discover missing and erroneous data, and have the chance to quickly resolve the issues.

Is Coheus a Reporting System?
Coheus helps you make data informed decisions using data that is presented in the manner mortgage executives want to use the data. The associations that Coheus make are based with feedback from over 100 industry leading CEOs. You manage with data insights to make data informed decisions. Coheus is designed to support fast data informed decision making and provides ad-hoc reporting. Coheus is not intended as a ‘report generator’. Rather, it provides information highlighted and presented in an intuitive way. Coheus is a playbook to speed decisions, profit and fundings. Coheus provides actionable Profit Intelligence, not static reports.

Do You Handle Upgrades?
We keep Coheus on a path of periodic upgrades, based on user community suggestions as well as our own internal research.

Can I export data I see in Coheus?
Yes, as a CSV file, PDF etc.

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