Coheus Releases MLB Data Analytics 

Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” is a book by Michael Lewis, published in 2003, about the Oakland Athletics baseball team’s strategy. The Athletics front office was focused on “Working on the Business”, developing data driven strategies to win baseball games at the lowest salary cost per win.

Twenty years later, does the strategy still work? Can “Working on the Business” still yield a winning strategy in baseball? The answer appears to be yes. Can smaller market, lower salary budget teams still make it to post-season play? See for yourself with our Coheus analytical tool.

How to Use the Coheus Baseball Cost per Win App

The default setting includes all seasons and all teams from 2000 to the current season.  You can pick one or more seasons by clicking on the “Choose Season” highlight.  Same for League and Division.  The Division Champions and World Champions let you pick the top performing teams for each season and compare their cost per win.  The “Covid Flag” is used to include or exclude the shortened season of 2020. 


  • You can also choose by clicking on the map, any of the graph bars. 
  • Try left clicking on your mouse why dragging to pick up multiple teams or years. 
  • Each filter you choose can be removed by clicking the “x” on the filters in a ribbon on the left top of the screen.  

*Major League Baseball and Team Names are trademarks of  Major League Baseball Properties, Inc., New York , NY

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Most importantly the intelligence executives are getting is delayed and has limited view of the business to make decisions to support organizational expansion and maximize profitability.