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Coheus helps lenders easily navigate through your oceans of mortgage data. It maps out opportunities to increase profitability and efficiency.

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Click below to find the hidden treasures in a mortgage lenders operation. This Live example will show you how quickly you can find bottlenecks, data integrity issues, and revenue leakage. 

Lenders instantly have the guidance to find more revenue, profit and efficiency

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Coheus delivers specific mortgage analytics over your entire lending business broken down into 4 main applications. The packages are designed to empower mortgage executives with actionable data.  

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Mortgage Business Intelligence that used to take months to build..
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Coheus maps the path to more revenue, profit and efficiency

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The Coheus store has options for Lenders of all sizes. You can select from 4 applications or the Coheus packages.


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This is a critical step to activate your account. Your information is held privately and only accessed for billing and integration purposes. Teraverde is SOC 2 certified.


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This is a critical step to the 48 hour installation.
Once the Teraverde team receives the Encompass credentials, we hook up your LOS to Coheus via API and Coheus begins to work on the data..


Getting Started..

At first you will notice all of your data integrated into the 40+ mortgage analytics screens. Having a clear view of your organization in a Smart App may be overwhelming at first…
A Coheus specialist is there to guide you through mortgage intelligence and the Executive Playbook.

Coheus in the News

Teraverde’s Coheus Profit Intelligence increases lender profits and efficiency with data-driven intelligence that unwraps the secrets to increase profitability hidden within the lender’s LOS, accounting, and servicing data.
Coheus provides actionable intelligence that guides executives to actions that increase profit and efficiency, providing immediate ROI using its proprietary data-driven intelligence. 

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New Integrated LOS And Accounting Mortgage BI Solution Emerges

Teraverde and Loan Vision launched of Coheus Gold, a cloud-based Mortgage BI solution that provides LOS and Accounting/Finance business intelligence with a built in playbook.
The solution is focused on combining the profitability information from Loan Vision with the profit drivers directly from your LOS.

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industry roundtables

Disruption in Mortgage Lending 

The Mortgage Lending Industry, like many others, realizes the need to embrace technology to do more with data.  Industry organizations are trying new technology solutions to improve transparency and leverage data intelligence across multiple data sources.  

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The 2020 Innovations Award Winners  

PROGRESS in Lending has named Teraverde’s Coheus profit intelligence solution a top industry innovation.
The company’s solutions enhance existing systems to provide superior workflow management, robotics process automation, visual classification and data extraction from documents, with all activities in the organization measured with an enterprise profit intelligence solution. Coheus provides lenders with actionable profit intelligence

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Frequently Asked Questions 

For additional questions contact: [email protected] 

What will I receive when I purchase Coheus?

You’ll receive cloud based Coheus to access critical data, organized for executives, production managers, operations managers and secondary managers. It’s a service, so no need to install anything on desktops, etc. And no need to hire administrator or other support personnel.

Can I perform Ad-Hoc Reporting?

Yes, Ad-Hoc reporting of key data fields is supported.

Is Coheus a Reporting System?

Coheus helps you make data informed decisions using data that is presented in the manner mortgage executives want to use the data. The associations that Coheus make are based with feedback from over 100 industry leading CEOs.

You manage with data insights to make data informed decisions. Coheus is designed to support fast data informed decision making and provides ad-hoc reporting.

Coheus is not intended as a ‘report generator’. Rather, it provides information highlighted and presented in an intuitive way. Coheus is a playbook to speed decisions, profit and funding. Coheus provides actionable Profit Intelligence, not static reports.

How fast is data updated?

Data is extracted from your LOS system at regular intervals, usually every hour or half hour… so you are working with near real-time data directly from your LOS. Faster refresh is available as an option.

How does this help manage my pipeline?

Up to date LOS data is at your fingertips, associated and presented in a manner that provides for a Data Informed Decision-Making Process. You get actionable decision-making information at your fingertips. No need to wait days or weeks for information from your ‘BI Team’ for reports that often miss the mark.

What LOS systems are supported?

There is a direct integration with Encompass. Other LOS systems with APIs are also supported.

What happens when I first begin using Coheus?

The first thing most clients notice is data integrity issues. You’ll see them up front, rather than finding out about them in QC, investor stipulations or non-purchase or repurchase. The biggest ROI from Coheus is finding and correcting the root cause of data integrity issues.

The next benefit is accelerating approvals, closing and investor purchase by working on loans that can be approved and funded quickly, and managing the remaining loans to a prompt decision and closing. You’ll discover missing and erroneous data, and have the chance to quickly resolve the issues.

Do You Handle Upgrades?

We keep Coheus on a path of periodic upgrades, based on user community suggestions as well as our own internal research.

Still have questions?

Teraverde Support & Updates

Teraverde works closely with clients from day one. We encourage clients to send us feedback, as we continue to improve Coheus.

Teraverde has a team of Certified Mortgage Bankers, Encompass Administrators and Certified Encompass Developers.

Whether you need help adjusting Encompass to achieve your goals or help leveraging your data to increase profitability and productivity. You have a team ready to help you surpass your goals. 

Coheus Profit Intelligence

Improving data driven decision making— all while instantly gaining insight of the lender’s overall business. Coheus transforms data and information into actionable intelligence. 

Coheus can associate data and provide actionable intelligence for better decision making to increase profits and to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


SpeedPath manages workflow, service levels and data change management for each individual lending task.
SpeedPath is configurable by the lender so speed to ROI and continued flexibility are built in.

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Prioritize your pipeline to ensure your staff works on the right loans at the right time is critical! 

Instant lift in speeding up approvals, closing and selling loans. 

Encompass Product Suite

Supercharge Encompass and Your Staff – Add the Missing Pieces to Encompass and Leverage Your Staff for profitability.

Through years of working with Encompass clients, Teraverde has developed a suite of automated solutions to relieve the user from heavy workload and stress from underperforming solutions. By automating time-consuming and costly processes combined with the ability to quickly purchase and implement individual or multiple solutions, our suite of Encompass Integrations can start to simplify and streamline your process today.

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Encompass Implementation Services

Teraverde has worked through major challenges in the mortgage lending and banking industries. Our highly experienced staff is ready to help you get up and running quickly and seamlessly, assisting you in optimizing deployment, while leveraging all that Encompass has to offer, out of the gate.

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Partnering to Deliver Data Insights and Profitability to Encompass Users

Through a strategic partnership, Encompass customers can count on a trusted guide to support them.

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