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A data-driven light that illuminates every facet of your lending processes

Coheus Silver

  • Streamline the mortgage opterations process and keep the right employees working on the right loans at the right time.
  • Over 40 sheets of actionable data provide analytics that cover every facet of your oparation.
    Including Ad-Hoc Reporting

Virtually any question you might ask, any metric you might need, that could help you lend faster and more effectively can be available at a click with Coheus.

  • Can I easily prepare Ad Hoc reports with point and click?
  • Who’s Pulling More than Their Weight, and Doing it Quickly?
  • Can I See me Bad Data BEFORE my team preps Disclosures or Closing Packages?
  • What’s ready to close?



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Coheus was invaluable in managing my pipeline and speeding throughput.”

Chief Executive Officer, Mortgage Banker

We focused in on the loans needed data corrections now, versus after underwriting or when the closing package was prepared.

Operations Manager, Mortgage Banker

” Coheus helped me identify all of the data issues in my loans, saving us time and increasing productivity.

President, Depository Lender

We get productivity increasing insights and better quality loans using Coheus. “

President, Independent Mortgage Banker

Did you know?

Coheus is a mortgage engineered solution that’s been tested by 100 mortgage executives across several aspects of the lending business.


✔ Up and Running in 48 hours. Book mark Ad-Hoc Reports 

✔ Interactive platform designed to create transparency between loan production and LOS data


✔ Reduce fallout by ensuring that all the data is accurate before the loan gets to underwriting


✔ Each task in the pipeline to have a service level associated with it and to automatically identify when the task is in danger of falling behind or is late


✔  See your entire pipeline visually, and drill into any milestone, branch, product or loan officer loans with a click.

Make the Best Business Decisions When Those Decisions are Powered by Coheus

The Story Behind Coheus – Mortgage Executive Solution:

We were working with the CEO of a client that wanted to improve their operational capacity and speed to close.  The client was using a BI tool, and try as we might, we couldn’t adapt that product to provide the information the client needed to speed throughput, manage the performance of their employees, and speed to close.  After lots of work, dead ends, and attempted workarounds, we concluded there has to be a much better way.

After speaking with other CEO and C level executives, we learned that this was a common issue with BI tools.  The BI tools did not have the domain knowledge of mortgage CEOs built in.  And the technical design was inherently limited.  Ask something that wasn’t already designed, and you either couldn’t do it, or you needed to have a developer work on the special request.  And developers are technical experts, not mortgage experts, so their work often missed the nuances of the mortgage business.  And back to the drawing board ended up using more of their resources and long periods of development time

So we decided the way to create a solution that had domain knowledge that helps CEOs and C level executives lead and manage, and to have the agility to answer executives’ need to dive into information was to invent it ourselves.  And thus Coheus was born.

We refined it by interviewing over 100 successful CEOs and incorporated their collective domain knowledge into Coheus.  How successful CEOs want to understand their business, and engineer it into Coheus.

Step- By- Step Coheus Playbook to Close More Loans

Download the complete guide to optimize your mortgage origination process.

Coheus triages the pipeline and ensures that the right people are working on the appropriate loans at the right time to close loans faster.


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