Mortgage Banking Consulting Services

When working a business opportunity, change is inevitable. Whether the change is internal or external you need professional team that can model your strategy to execute. Teraverde has a national reputation for transforming mortgage banking business process for lenders and banks of all sizes. 

Consulting Services  

Trusted Advisor Services Business Process Evaluation and Recommendations SubServicer Oversight and Efficiency Review Capital Markets Whole Loan Purchase Diligence and Transaction Management Quantitative Risk Management Servicing Review
Merger and Acquisition Assistance Loan Origination Profitability and Process Review Taxi Medallion Valuation Mortgage Banking Accounting Policies and Procedures

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The Teraverde Process

The Three Step Proven Teraverde Profitability Process

 Set Your Goals

The Teraverde-Data Driven Method

Share with us your goals & objectives and our Strategic Partner will help you accomplish them as we walk you through our data driven method!

Want to know what goals to set to get the results you want? We’ve worked with lenders of all sizes and will provide you with industry insights and best practices so that you can gain a competitive advantage.

 Build the Plan

The Teraverde-EAOO Method

Teraverde Strategic Partner will help you leverage all your mortgage banking data to enhance your systems while improving profitability!

Digital Lending Transformation doesn’t mean buying all new systems…
It’s an end-to-end approach that often redeploys and enhances current systems that are already in use.
It’s an end-to-end approach to maximizing your data while enhancing profitability and customer satisfaction.

 Transformational Execution

Profit Intelligence Method

As your trusted Strategic Partner, we help you reduce costs, enhance lending performance, and leverage Mortgage Banking best practices to drive profitability so you can spend more time focusing on your customers.

When Profitability Matters….Turn to a partner who can deliver.

“You’ve worked long hours to get our deal done on time given short time frame!”

Bank General Counsel

“Teraverde gets stuff done!”

Bank CFO

“Your team helped get the merger across the finish line. Thank you for so much support to our client!”

Investment Banker

“Great job helping with the acquisition due diligence planning and execution”

Bank General Counsel

“I thought buying whole loans would be complicated….that was way too easy!”

Bank CEO

“I trust your team, and that’s why we are using Teraverde for our second M&A transaction analysis and diligence. You’re an extension of my management team.”

Bank Chairman & CEO

“Thank you for providing so much support to the bank’s executive team through the completion of the merger”

Bank President and CEO

“Coheus provided real-time analysis of the portfolios, servicing, geography and credit metrics. This helped us move the deal very quickly.”

Investment Banker

“Teraverde helped us meet our loan growth requirements and to meet investor growth expectations!”

Bank CEO

“It’s great to be able to rely on Teraverde for residential and commercial loan due diligence jobs!”

Bank Chief Lending Officer

“Teraverde helped us through the entire whole loan purchase process including funding, servicing transfer and trailing documents post-closing.”

Bank SVP