“Informative, well researched and entertaining… with a clear
roadmap for increased profit and customer satisfaction excellence.”
– Bill Emerson, Vice Chairman, Quicken Loans Inc.

Bill Emerson is one of 25 ‘Maverick CEOs’ who share their insights about the Mortgage Banking Industry in the book.

An example from Chapter 1:

“One of the most insightful conversations I had…was with Bill Emerson at Quicken Loans, a company that is now famous for its culture in the industry. Their popular “Quicken-ISMs”—sayings that the company lives by and encourages the team to live by—have become, to many, emblematic of what it means to focus on and foment culture with an eye on customer experience.

When asked about why Quicken came out at the top again and again when it comes to customer satisfaction, Bill responded point blank, “It’s just the culture of the organization.” Culture at Quicken is a work in progress and characterized by their now world-famous ISMs. Naturally, Bill cited one of these famed ISMs in our discussion on customer satisfaction and culture:

‘Every client. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.” He
elaborated with, “You really can’t live any other way if
you’re going to be in a retail lending environment … I think
that the [industry] belief was that you really can’t give high
touch service in a centralized model. Frankly nothing can
be further from the truth because, at the end of the day,
it’s really about how you treat a client, how responsive you
are to that client.’
– Bill Emerson

Quicken’s record has shown that this isn’t just talk. High touch
service is possible by leveraging technology, and it can garner outstanding
results in the retail lending environment.”