Coheus MasterClock Pipeline Help

Thank you for using Teraverde’s Coheus MasterClock!

What do the icons mean?

Export : Export the current view to an Excel file. Will prompt for location to save when clicked.

Get Original Settings: Reverts to base view; clears the saved view for the user

Save View : Saves the current view (column order and columns selected) for the user

Open Settings : This will open the settings window to allow the user to select the columns to view. The columns that are available are controlled by your administrative staff.

Refresh List : Refreshes the current Pipeline status view

What do I do?

If there are loans that show up for you, that means they need attention. The Status column will let you know if a task is in jeopardy of being late: Caution; or if a task is already late: Behind Schedule. To correct the exception, simply double-click the line entry to open the loan.



Feature and Performance Update:

Two new tags have been added to the “Settings” line (new defaults listed below):
LoadOnStartup=“false” ShowAllLoansFor=“administrator|superadministrator”

The new feature will increase performance for those lenders that have large pipelines for their user base.

  • LoadOnStartup:

    • This feature will prevent the Pipeline Viewer window loading in the forefront of the Encompass UI and will force the load of the application in the Task Menu (normally found in the lower right hand side of your desktop with the clock) as a Teraverde logo icon.

  • ShowAllLoansFor:

    • This feature will disable the “All Loans” tab from personas that are not listed. This will prevent users that have access to all company loans in making a pipeline query against the system.

Additionally, for performance, users that have access to both “My Loans” and “All Loans”, the tab order has been made so that the “My Loans” is the default and first tab, also increasing the performance by decreasing the demand to query the system for the entire pipeline.



  • New configuration to allow the exclusion of personas

To utilize the new Persona feature, add the following tag element in the Settings line into your TVMA_pipelineviewer.xml file and add the personas (no spaces and separated by the vertical bar)


Example of an updated line:

<Settings FilePath=“C:” ExcludeFolders=“Trash|Training” AllowablePersonas=“administrator|superadministrator|loanofficer|loanprocessor|underwriter|closer”>

Note: after any updates made to the configuration file, click the “Get Original Settings” icon to ensure the newly updated information is being pulled into your view.

Additional information:

Column headers are sortable. Clicking on a column header will sort the data based within the Status category. For example, if “Delay Cause” is a column in my view, when clicked, the data will be sorted by Delay Cause column, first in the Caution Status and then in the Behind Schedule status.

If you have more questions, please contact your system administration staff or Teraverde: [email protected] .

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