Our Deep-Dive Solution of Document Retrieval offered exclusively for financial institutions, and law firms.

Teraverde’s eDiscovery solution is able to solve your most difficult challenges, as well as to help improve eDiscovery processes, and methodologies’. Regardless of the number of user endpoints, we can provide the deep-dive eDiscovery search and data preservation needed - faster than using traditional tools. Whatever the matter, our highly skilled professionals offer your institution the skills, technology and the our deep-dive tool needed to identify, preserve documents, and mitigate risk - from around the globe - often in a matter of minutes.  With all that said, perhaps the single most important feature of this deep-dive tool is its unique ability to assure no disruption throughout the eDiscovery process.



Many organizations today receive requests for documents from outside organizations or subpoenas requesting a broad set of documents. As many documents are saved and filed electronically throughout the organization, collection of the information requested can be a complex and time consuming task. Additionally, there are often documents that are within the scope of the request that are sitting in e-mail files and other unexpected locations throughout the organization.


Our eDiscovery technology tool is being used by organizations to assure that document collection within the scope of the request is complete and accurate. More importantly, the unique architecture of it makes it able to search through the electronic files of an organization very rapidly, returning complete sets of documents back to an investigator within hours. This is in stark contrast to the timeframe to retrieve the same set of documents by any other tool in the market that could take several weeks to complete.


Speed becomes very important as most searches for documents are iterative and the search criteria is often modified and refined by the investigator a number of times, and the search for documents is required to occur multiple times. We are able to work with investigators to develop search criteria which would be most effective and to quickly evaluate that criteria for refinement as the searches are completed within the work day and develop refinements for subsequent searches.


Using it to perform the electronic search across an organization for electronic documents allows for the collection and delivery of documents to investigators rapidly. As a result, we deliver multiple benefits to an organization including the following: 1) Significantly reduces the disruption within the organization as documents are quickly located; 2) Enhances the investigation as searches are refined more quickly and multiple searches can be performed without concern about long timelines to identify and retrieve documents; 3) System performance is minimally impacted and employees throughout the organization will not notice any reduction in performance; The cost of the investigation is minimized as the document collection process is reduced to days versus weeks or months when using other investigative tools.