Monitoring & Incident Response

Using the latest Strategic & Tactical Cybersecurity Innovation, we navigate, mitigate and eradicate the malware of the world, as contained within the financial institutions system(s).  With our Enterprise-wide protection in place as a last line of defense in your network security configurations, we are able to rapidly identify malware that has broken through all other security defenses. The unique capability of the software to concurrently monitor virtually 100% of the endpoints across an organization quickly and efficiently is unmatched in the marketplace today.


Through the use of our Enterprise-wide software as a monitoring tool, any breach at your financial institution is literally identified within minutes. Once a breach is identified the tool is able to rapidly identify any endpoints where the malware is present. Once the presence of the malware is identified, Security teams work with your IT Department to analyze and eliminate the malware.


Financial Institutions today must not only to take steps to eradicate cyber threats, they also have a contingency plan in place to respond, remediate, and recover.

Teraverde’s experts can help you with the following:

  • Response planning

  • Communications

  • Analysis

  • Mitigation

  • Process improvements

  • Forensic investigations

  • Remediation and response

  • Modification of plans and procedures

  • Advice on staff adjustments


It is critical to your organization’s future that you not only prepare a response but you also insure against a breach.  We gladly can provide you with a referral to our Best-In-Class insurance partner for a no obligation policy needs review.