As Lenders Look for Ways to Improve Profitability- Teraverde’s Profit Intelligence Platform Gains Significant Momentum
Due To Explosive Growth Teraverde Hires Highly Respected Executive Relationship Manager

Jim Deitch, CEO of Teraverde announced that due to Teraverde’s Coheus and Coheus Connector growth, Dennece Bickley has joined Teraverde as Senior Vice President/Executive Relationship Manager. Deitch stated, “Teraverde is extremely proud to have attracted someone of Dennece’s background in financial services and expertise in enhancing customer experiences and strategic implementation.”

In her new position, Ms. Bickley will take the lead role in planning, managing, and measuring of the ongoing success for Teraverde’s ever growing client base. Ms. Bickley has more than 25 years of experience in banking and innovative lending technologies. Her unique experience of having oversight in excess of hundreds of implementations, as well as, advisory work with large Banks, Credit Unions, Independent Mortgage Bankers and Non-profit organizations helps Ms. Bickley identify innovative solutions to help lenders drive profitability.

Dennece stated, “I’m excited to join an innovative team such as Teraverde. Teraverde is a leading provider of best-in- class enterprise profit intelligence solutions and strategic advisory services. They are goal driven to help lenders identify and strategically leverage their current operations combined with the innovative solutions to drive profitability.”

In addition, Teraverde has become Ellie Mae’s Pro Elite Partner to help Encompass users with implementation services and profit intelligence solutions. Coheus Connector Allows Encompass Users to pick any data field from the 20,000 Encompass fields into configurable data tables with near real time data. By having this access, a lender can:

• Manage Data easily for-Profit Intelligence
• Extract, Translate & Data loading quickly for all reporting needed
• Better Data that creates superior decision making
• Easily Build access to Encompass
• Analyze the data you want

Ellie Mae users benefit from the seamless integration of Encompass data with Coheus Connector™, which enables the lender’s reporting and business intelligence tools to generate comprehensive pull through rates, reporting, and better data driven decision- making—all while instantly gaining insight of the lender’s overall business and profitability.

For further information, please contact Mauricio Valverde at 717-344-5521