“… Jim Deitch did a great job breaking down the industry threats and filling in the holes.”
-David Motley, President, Colonial Savings

“A powerful read on the industry that will surely inform mortgage professionalson how to embrace technology and change companyculture, all with a view to achieving customer satisfaction.”
-Jonathan Corr, President & CEO, Ellie Mae, Inc.

“Jim Deitch has written a must-read primer for anyone serious about understanding this industry, especially in the wake of the changes in recent years.”
-Dave Stevens, President & CEO, Mortgage Bankers Association of America

Here is just a sampling of what they are talking about, from the Introduction to “Digitally Transforming the Mortgage Banking Industry”

“Since the Great Recession of 2008-2010, the U.S. has experienced significant economic shifts, but also seismic cultural shifts. While middle class ambitions in the past centered on the split-level home, today’s homebuyer is turning more and more to less traditional housing options. What’s more, the contemporary homebuyer does not necessarily fit the traditional mold defined by both the industry and regulation.

What can the mortgage industry do to respond to these changes? What are the discussions taking place amongst thought leaders to drive these changes?

The origin of this book began when my daughter, Christina, was in the process of purchasing a home in the Frisco, Texas area. I recommended a reputable lender to her. About halfway through the process she called and said “Dad, your industry is really screwed up. I applied for a credit card and was approved in a few minutes. I applied for a loan for a car and within a few minutes, signed the paperwork and drove out with a brand-new vehicle. I applied for a mortgage and I keep getting asked question after question after question and the process never seems to end. I don’t know where I am in the process and my loan officer can’t really tell me what’s coming next. I can’t believe that all the smart people in the mortgage banking industry can’t make this a simple process for consumers without all this nonsense.”

The book is available on Amazon.