Teraverde Current Commentary

Solving Customer Frustration

Mortgage customers tell us our process needs improvement: Why does it take 45 days to get a mortgage when I can get a car loan or credit card in under an hour? Why do I have to keep supplying more information throughout the process? Why do I feel lost during the process?

Do Lenders Really 'Manufacture' A Loan?

Lenders often speak about ‘manufacturing’ a loan.  In fact, while traditional manufacturing has streamlined processes with much automation, the mortgage banking industry’s ‘manufacturing’ process has remained on trend to become even more complex and labor intensive.

What Can Lenders Learn from An Airline Captain?

What can mortgage bankers learn from other industries?  I was speaking with a Southwest Airlines captain recently (he was deadheading to his duty station).  The conversation was informative.  “Southwest Airlines has 6,500+ pilots, and every pilot can fly every one of Southwest’s aircraft...