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Rates are volatile, inventory is tight, costs are up.  It’s tough out there!

Since 2011, Teraverde has helped lenders thrive in challenging times. Increase productivity and profit, reduce cost and manage risk.

We’re Data-Driven in All We Do.

Transform your business. Optimize your tech stack. Evaluate your team, channels, strategy and execution. We help identify hidden opportunities and assets, and work side by side with you to bring them to reality.

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White Paper Theme

White Paper Theme

The main point of discussion is the concept of “all volume is good volume,” or a variation “every loan adds profit to cover fixed costs.” If all compensation and other costs are fixed (meaning the lender can’t reduce its costs under any circumstance), then all volume is good volume. But costs are rarely fixed long term. And thus, my thesis of “Keep the Best, Cut the Rest.”

Teraverde believes a resilient and consistently profitable business model requires actionable insights discovered from Business Intelligence, Mortgage Data Analytics and effective Task and Service Level Management.  An integrated approach provides the highest Return on Investment. 

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What is Mortgage Business Intelligence?

Mortgage Business Intelligence means different things to different executives.  What executives seek is actionable insights extracted from their data.

Forbes Magazine differentiates Business Intelligence from Data Analytics.  One without the other gives you a partial insight.  Most Business Intelligence offered to mortgage executives is “KPIs” and dashboards.  These tools are simply framing raw data without actionable insights.

Data Analytics provides actionable insights regarding ‘what should you do’ based upon the information displayed.  The Data Analytics element requires deep domain knowledge to interpret the data and act upon the data.

Mortgage Business Intelligence coupled with Mortgage Data Analytics delivers actionable insights that create a measurable and meaningful Return on Investment.  One without the other is only a partial insight.

Our Mortgage Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solutions increases productivity and profitability through data-driven actionable insights.  Our task and workflow management turbocharges Encompass to help your front line team excel.  We help transform your business and workflow process to create ‘best in class’ performance.

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