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Build a sustainable business model that is profitable regardless of business conditions. Our Guidance is Action-Oriented, Data Driven and Fact-Based. [MORE…]

Profit Driven Focus

We focus on how your people, process and products deliver Top-Tier performance. We provide Transparency, Visibility and Initiators for Action (“TVI”). These are the essential metrics that matter. All else is noise. [MORE…]

Optimize Your Business Process

Achieve “Low-Cost Producer” status. Eliminate non-productive costs. [MORE…]

Tech Stack Optimization

We optimize the Tech Stack you already have to get the most out of your Tech investment. Our approach quickly adjusts the configuration of your existing Tech investment without adding or changing out Tech Stack elements. [MORE…]

Are you ready to make a change?

There is a need for innovation when facing challenges.

Industry Insights

Innovation and Simplification of Your Business Process

Innovation and Simplification of Your Business Process

What’s an executive in a fighter aircraft have to do with mortgage lending?

The flight was a learning laboratory on how automation in a new technology platform can speed learning and adoption of new skills. It’s relevant in aviation and in mortgage banking.

Fly with Teraverde’s President Maylin Casanueva as she advanced from a zero-time pilot to mastering new skills, aided by technology in the aircraft. And how her learnings can help your team achieve productivity increases with your existing technology platform. She flew with a real U.S. Air Force Top Gun instructor pilot. And yes, she pulls 4Gs in an inverted Top Gun Maverick maneuver!
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Is your mortgage technology living up to your expectations?

Is your mortgage technology living up to your expectations?

HousingWire recently interviewed Rob Peterson from Teraverde. He has seen good times and bad times in his 15+ years in the industry.

As CTO and Chief Innovation Officer at Teraverde, Rob is focused on helping clients implement technology.

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Fallout Are Lost Opportunities. Not a Cost of Doing Business

Fallout Are Lost Opportunities. Not a Cost of Doing Business

What would happen to your BOTTOM LINE if you could reduce

See how your data will help reduce fallout and increase profits.

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Become a TopTier(TM) Profit Driven Leader

Become a TopTier(TM) Profit Driven Leader

About 30% of employees produce about 80% of your company’s profits.

Our work with clients and their Encompass Data has demonstrated that over and over.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “If that is true, how do I fix it?

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MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo

October 15-18, 2023 in Philadelphia, PA

For the first time ever, MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo is headed to Philadelphia. The birthplace of our country, Philadelphia is a city of change, resilience, and independence. It is an American original — and the perfect host to the original annual gathering of real estate finance professionals. Everyone who’s anyone in single-family real estate finance should be there. Like our founding fathers, let’s meet in Philadelphia and pave the way for a strong future for our industry!

Teraverde believes a resilient and consistently profitable business model requires actionable insights discovered from Business Intelligence, Mortgage Data Analytics and effective Task and Service Level Management.  An integrated approach provides the highest Return on Investment.