Teraverde’s Innovative Expertise Drives Profitability

Teraverde Clients originated 1 out of 5 Mortgages in the United States. 

Our executives and staff have extensive mortgage banking experience and domain knowledge. Our Mortgage Domain Knowledge provides Executives strategic insights to optimize all aspects of the lending business.

We provide solutions in a seamless client service manner. 

Encompass Products and Services

All Teraverde Encompass Products and Services are engineered and delivered to provide a synergy that amplifies the effectiveness of Encompass. Each Encompass product and service are designed as part of the Teraverde integrated solution.  

Mortgage Banking Consulting 

National reputation for transforming business process for lenders and banks of all sizes. A Trusted partner who can blend financial experience with Fintech to deliver meaningful solutions and customer satisfaction. 

Mortgage Data Analytics

We combine mortgage business intelligence, data driven solutions, business process and workflow management. The solutions maximize profitability, throughput and productivity for our lending partners.

Mortgage BI, Mortgage Reporting. 

Solutions that attains maximum profitability. Up and running in 48 hours. We help you maximize Operational Efficiency, increase Data Integrity to Reduce Risk. Including a step by step guide for Mortgage Executives to optimize their lending business. Improving data driven decision making

“Teraverde has delivered on its promise of speed and useability. Lots of software companies promise and demo but fail to deliver. Teraverde delivered! ”

President & CEO, Independent Mortgage Banker .

“We appreciate your industry hands on experience and your technical knowledge.  Excellent job!”

Mortgage Banking Chief Executive Officer  

“Your team did a fantastic job of optimizing our workflow.  It has substantially increased our efficiency and profitability.”

Mortgage Bank – Chief Executive Officer

“Teraverde’s combination of executive industry experience and technical acumen delivered a great solution for us.”

Mortgage Bank – President

“I trust your advice!  It’s always proved to be in our best interests.”

Mortgage Bank – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Teraverde Product and Services