In our last post we mentioned how these turbulent times call for Managing Differently, which can happen only when smart people ask questions of their data. So, what does that really mean?

Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, head of sales or operations, numbers on a page only get you so far. When you look at a table, you see the values and understand them rationally, but it can be hard to discern subtle relationships. Perhaps more importantly, it can be hard to see the outliers – unusual results. Graphs also have their limits, especially if they’re static. They tell the graph designer’s story, which may be spot-on, but then again may not be.

Bottom line, if a number happens to stand out in a table, or if a graph’s story stumbles on something unusual, you may spot it and learn something important.

The magic happens when graphs and tables are malleable and interconnected. Given a set of well-constructed views of data, and the ability to shift from view to view, while selecting data dynamically, smart business people can find a multitude of stories within the data. Interesting stories can then be Managed Differently so that you can maximize profit.

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