Batch Update Utility

Automate your loan data updates — quickly and efficiently.  Perfect for year-end reporting!


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Batch Update Utility for Encompass®

Our  Batch Update Utility for Encompass® Uses extremely high-level technology to manages data and business rules with outstanding efficiency!

What Makes It Ultra Productive? 

  • Up and running in minutes.  Gain instant access to critical mortgage data.
  • Easy to Use! With its simple user-interface, this program is easy to use - increasing your productivity to the next level.
  • Update Group of Loans with A Single Action. You can now revise a group of loans without the hassle of opening each loan every time thus increasing productivity!
  • Automated Value Update! The values are automatically updated and can be seen without opening each loan thereby cutting more time from the loan manufacturing process!  Can be run in 'fast mode' for Reporting Database updates or 'slow mode' to trigger your business rules as it runs.

Automation is now key for a swift and easy loan process and Batch Update Utility provides automation using state-of-the-art design!