QC Sampling Loan Selection Tool

Organizes your Quality Control loan selection and ensures it’s documented in a repeatable and transparent manner.  Programmatically select loans based on industry recommended best practices – the perfect solution to satisfy your auditors.


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QC Sampling Loan Selection Tool for Encompass®

The QC Sampling Tool, is perfect to get through the QC loan selection as smoothly as possible.

  • All-encompassing. Our efficient tool documents the selection process for QC review selections, including random loan number, risk metrics, new branch, and combinations of aforementioned.
  • Thorough documentation. Our tool considers it its sole task to make sure that your QC loan selection is documented in a manner that boasts utmost professionalism and is transparent.
  • Increased productivity. Anything and everything you believe needs to be considered during the QC loan selection, our QC Sampling Tool has it covered. It will successfully direct your QC resources to loans that have a higher potential for risk elements or layered risk. The tool has been curated to provide higher sampling rates for new employees or branches.

The QC Sampling Loan Selection Tool is one of its kind in diligently identifying potential problems to achieve the best coverage at the lowest investment of resources. Don’t believe us, try it for yourself!