Origin of “Consider It. Done”

Our motto “Consider it. Done.” flowed from conversations with multiple clients. After finishing a particularly challenging rush assignment and meeting the deadline, the CFO of the client was very pleased. He told us that because of our performance in meeting the client’s needs, our motto should be “we get s— done”. That was not the first time that we have gotten that kind of compliment, albeit it was a little more colorful this time. The CFO’s comment sparked a brainstorming session among the Teraverde team on how to turn that phrase into our own words. After considering all the positive feedback from so many of our 150 clients, we settled on “Consider it. Done.” We believe “Consider It. Done” is truly at the heart of Teraverde. Our company drive to be creative and find solutions drove us to craft a song, “Consider it. Done.” The music video followed. And here we are!