Home Counseling Plugin

Take the easy way out – you deserve it.  Automatically have your Home Counseling data set populated into the loan.


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Home Counseling Plugin for Encompass®

Our Home Counseling Plugin is dedicated to simplifying the "click-through" process that is often forgotten and time consuming.  Get your Home Counseling Disclosure populated automatically!

  • Automated process. This seemingly tiresome task is as easy as ABC. It assigns the correct agencies that the right proximity to the Borrower's Current Address.
  • No manual work. With our Home Counseling Plugin, you can forget about the manual work taking up all your time. Your staff no longer needs to reminded to complete this task.
  • Bid unnecessary human errors goodbye. The Home Counseling Plugin uses a systemic process to ensure that the data is in your loan before it's needed or forgotten for your disclosure.  Get your disclosure out accurately!

Make your work significantly less tiring and get the Home Counseling Plugin now!