Unlock Your Lending Profitability and Insights that Help Drive Productivity With These Five Tips.

On February 2, 2022. Mark Wilson, Managing Director of CWDL, Coheus user David Fitzell, SVP & Director of Residential Lending at Meridian Bank, and Jim Deitch, Co-Founder and CEO of Teraverde, presented the Five Critical Things Mortgage Executives Should Do Now for 2022.

The executives talked about data and the strategies lenders can take in the new year. In this one hour webinar, Jim, David, and Mark discussed the current state of the mortgage banking industry. Bringing in insights from MBA January 2022 forecast from Mike Fratantoni, Chief Economist. The forecast shows the origination difference between 2021 and 2022, refinance dropping by -63.3% and the purchase business increasing by 5.6%, The numbers show that lenders have to change and the best way to make changes is by using data.

Getting to factual data is key to driving success in 2022. The recording of the webinar is a must watch for leaders in mortgage companies that want to learn about the solutions data can bring to a lending organization, featuring a leading mortgage executive and the methods he uses to drive more profitability and tips on creating business model that can sustain shifts in the mortgage banking industry. 

In the webinar you can learn about the 5 Critical Things Mortgage Executive Should Do Now for 2022:

  • Three keys to ensure sustainable production
  • Scorecard loan officers on the five metrics that really matter
  • Ensure liquidity with a cash forecast
  • Prepare a “downturn plan” with triggers for action
  • Manage counterparty risk: investors, MI and warehouse lenders


Learn more about Coheus, and the capabilities of identifying data trends, ranking Loan Officers, Underwriter Productivity, Processor Efficiency and relieving critical data that’s usually stuck within loan origination systems and spreadsheets. Leaders managing mortgage operations use Coheus to focus on the metrics that matter leading to 25% increase in productivity.

Try out the solution and the critical data that shows areas that can quickly drive profitability.

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At Teraverde, we believe in  a resilient and flexible business model that sustains superior, consistent profitability through all phases of the lending business cycle.  To achieve that model, we believe executives must consistently “Work on Your Business”, not “Work In Your Business”. The front-line team should work “In the Business”. A vital part of working on your business in 2022 and forward is Data. Data provides the visibility to reality. The reality of what is truly happening within your organization.

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