What’s Working on the Business? 

The executive team at a lending businesses must identify the difference between ‘Working in the Business’ vs ‘Working on the Business’. When we ran a survey only 35% of CEOs responded that they have clear visibility when Working On the Business. The front-line team should work “In the Business”. A vital part of working on your business in 2022 and forward is Data.

Data provides the visibility to the reality of what is truly happening within your organization. The ability to provide personalized customer experience, visibility into company performance and insights that are imperative in staying ahead of market challenges. Lenders today have to find out the visibility to the whole landscape of the company without obstruction from outdated.

At Teraverde, we believe in a resilient and flexible business model that sustains superior, consistent profitability through all phases of the lending business cycle.  To achieve that model, we believe executives must consistently “Work on Your Business”, not “Work In Your Business”.