My kids and I were driving back from a school event, and Bella, my daughter asked me why I was excited about my job. Bella is seventeen years old and Jorge is sixteen, and the only world they have ever known has the iPhone, with all the services, information and entertainment provided on demand through systems such as Uber, Netflix, and iTunes. Information and content are easily delivered in a couple of minutes. We’ve come a long way since the 90s in many industries. I have been in financial services since 1992, when the dial up Internet was our only source of internet and access was only provided to managers of the organization. Information on demand wasn’t available. I explained that now, 25 years later our industry is at last beginning to have access to rich data that can be leveraged to pull data from silos and bring it all together to create a better overview of customers and insights to previously unknown facts. That’s when my daughter sensed my excitement about our industry and my role in it. She began to ask me questions.

Author: Maylin Casanueva, COO of Teraverde

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