Partnering to Offer Data Insights and Profitability to Encompass® Users 


With Teraverde, you can ensure a stress-free Encompass rollout. We have specifically designed packages to help you reach your goals.

The Teraverde Team Holds Years of Experience Relentlessly Working with The Top Banks and Mortgage Companies

With extensive experience of working with over 300 mortgage lenders and banks, we have what it takes to deal with encompass customers and are capable of providing them with the services they need.

The Teraverde team has extensive lending experience as well as technical expertise that has allowed us to identify what business solution would work best for you and how you should implement it.

Our long and close relationship with ICE Technology executives means your implementation will be well coordinated.

Three best seller books published after interviewing hundreds of mortgage executives and thought leaders.

Teraverde Offers Four Encompass Implementation Packages 


We have specifically designed packages to help you and your company reach your goals.

We have five stages to help you through the implementation process, including introduction, discovery, configuration, testing, and post-deployment.


Mini Correspondent Service

This service is appropriate for Lenders with non-Retail single channel business model.  Teraverde will provide remote support and perform a majority of the work on the Lender’s behalf. 

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Standard Plus Service

This service provides a cost effective implementation and is appropriate for Lenders with a multi-channel business mode and less than 50 users. Teraverde provide critical advice and system support.
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Lite Service

 This service is appropriate for Lenders with a Retail and one additional business model.  Teraverde  will provide remote support and performs a majority of the work on the Lender’s behalf.

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Elite Service

This service provide the maximum level of guidance and systems implementation by Teraverde’s talented implementation team to shorten the duration of the implementation. Appropriate for Lenders with a multi-channel business model and more than 50 users. Teraverde will provide critical advice and remote and on-site support.

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Whether you need help enhancing your Encompass system or improving your profitability. You have a team ready to help you surpass your goals.

Teraverde and ICE Mortgage Technology, Inc. Implementation Services

All of our packages have been designed to help each type of client in several ways. One of these ways is through the Encompass software training and the encompass loan origination system support.

From maximizing enhancing lending efficiency to delivering a seamless transition, our team is ready to guide you through the implementation process, no matter how challenging it is.

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Included in the Packages: 

Setting Mini Correspondent Lite Standard Plus Elite
Dedicated Implementation Consultant Included Included Included Included
On-Site Consultant Services (Travel expenses are not included) Remote Remote Included (3 days) Included (4-day periods x 2)
Mini Correspondent Setting Matrix Included Included Included Included
Configuration by Teraverde Included Included Not Included Included
Average Timeline to Deployment (Days) 75 75 105 105
Post -Deployment Support (Recommend) Included (16 hrs. up to 4 weeks) Includes (16 hrs. up to 4 weeks) Included (32 hrs. up to 8 weeks) Included (40 hrs. up to 8 weeks)
Encompass Consumer Connect Included Included Included Included
Appropriate for Banker Customers <50 <10 <50 <50

Frequently Asked Questions 

For additional questions contact: [email protected] 

Why do I need an Implementation Partner?

ICE Mortgage Technology, Inc.  understands that Encompass is very powerful, and can be complex.  Teraverde has extensive experience with Encompass configuration and implementation.  ICE has certified Teraverde as an Elite Pro Partner, meaning you can rest assured that your implementation will go quickly and efficiently.

How much help does Teraverde provide?

As much as you need!  We offer Implementation packages that have Teraverde do the hands on work, or have Teraverde guiding you through the process. After you go Live, you can contact Teraverde for any support requests.

Can you help with Encompass enhancements and plug-ins?

Yes, we have an online Encompass Software support store.  Many of our clients complete the implementation, and then decide to add productivity, work-flow, data change management or business intelligence solutions that further add to the return on investment of your Encompass investment.

How long does the Implementation take?

75 to 105 days, depending on the complexity of your implementation.  The single factor that influences install time is the availability of your personnel in complete User Acceptance Testing.  This factor is exclusively under the lender’s control.  We’ll get our jobs done on time, but we rely on your team to do UAT on the schedule provided.

Do you provide Encompass training?

We provide training as a separate Statement of Work, customized to your needs.  The implementation packages gets you through the process.  You should plan on using ICE, Teraverde or your own training team to on-board your users.

Still have questions?

Teraverde Support

 Teraverde works closely with clients from day one. We encourage clients to send us feedback as we are going through the implementation process. 

Teraverde has a team of Certified Mortgage Bankers, Encompass Administrators and Certified Encompass Developers.
Whether you need help enhancing your Encompass system or  improving your profitability. You have a team ready to help you surpass your goals. 

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