Become a TopTier(™) Profit Driven Leader

About 30% of employees produce about 80% of your company’s profits.Our work with clients and their Encompass Data has demonstrated that over and over.The question you have to ask yourself is, “If that is true, how do I fix it? Get This Resource

Keep the Best, Cut the Rest

Keep the Best, Cut the Rest

The main point of discussion is the concept of “all volume is good volume,” or a variation “every loan adds profit to cover fixed costs.”If all compensation and other costs are fixed (meaning the lender can’t reduce its costs under any circumstance), then all volume...

Working on the Business

What's Working on the Business? The executive team at a lending businesses must identify the difference between 'Working in the Business' vs 'Working on the Business'. When we ran a survey only 35% of CEOs responded that they have clear visibility when Working On the...